US Visa Waiver Program for Ireland

The US visa waiver program, often referred to as ESTA online, allows citizens of certain countries to travel to the United States without the requirement to apply for a visa. The United Kingdom and Ireland are two countries amongst others afforded this benefit. Citizens of countries that do not qualify for the visa waiver are required to apply for a US tourist visa to visit the United States known as a B2 visa. If travelling to the United States on business they must apply for a B1 visa alternatively referred to as business visa USA. Many travellers from such countries apply for a combined B1/B2 visa allowing them to travel to the United States as tourists whilst also effecting business activities.

A US tourist visa is also required when inadmissibility issues are involved. This could be a lack of qualification for the US visa waiver program as a result of an arrest, charge and/or conviction for a crime or a previous denial of entry, overstay or deportation from the United States.The visa waiver program prohibits work or study (apply for a US student visa or work classification for study or work in the USA) except for in very limited circumstances.

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