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US Visa for Irish Citizens in Dublin or Other Areas of Ireland

Visa Classifications:
Employment visas comprise a number of temporary genres including the L-1, H-1B, H-2, O-1, I and R-1 visas as well the US immigration visa conveying permanent residence in the United States. This is, otherwise, known as green card status. The issuance of an American work visa is usually preceded by the processing of a petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and subsequently, a visa application at the US embassy.
Business may be attended to in the United States on the US visa waiver program or on a B1 visa. This is different from working in the United States. A visitor to the United States may attend meetings with US based clients of his company based in the United Kingdom, as an example. A visitor may also travel to the United States on the visa waiver program or a US tourist visa known as the B2 for tourism purposes. The B1 and B2 visa are often fused into one i.e. B1/B2 visa to allow the visitor to attend to business as well as travel to the United States as a tourist.
If intending to apply for a US visa for Ireland as an investor, the E2 visa may be sufficient. This is a temporary visa that may be renewed once in the United States. Alternatively, an American visa application, ultimately, culminating in permanent residence may be the benefit sought in the circumstances. The EB-5 visa confers permanent residence in the United States by virtue of an investment of $500,000 or $1 million depending on the circumstances.
Marriage Visa USA: A US citizen may file a petition for the benefit of a foreign spouse. This would entitle the spouse to live and work in the United States upon the approval of a correlating visa application. A visa application is facilitated upon the approval of the petition filed by the US citizen.

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