Student Visa USA for Irish Citizens

The USA student visa is sectioned into two classifications, the F-1 and the M-1 visas. The F-1 visa facilitates academic studies in the United States whilst the M-1 visa is germane to vocational education. An application for a student visa must be accompanied by a SEVIS receipt and form DS-160. The applicant must equally demonstrate an intent to depart from the United States on the conclusion of the said studies. This can be fulfilled by evidence showing strong ties to one’s home country or other location outside of the United States. Examples of this include an offer of employment outside the US on the culmination of the educational program and ownership of property outside the USA where one intends to reside upon concluding the studies. The evidence is not exhaustive. It, however, must be of persuasive value in demonstrating that the applicant maintains strong affiliations outside of the United States which would motivate exiting the US once the educational program has been concluded.

This genre of US visa application is effected at the US embassy. The applicant generally attends an interview at the embassy with the aforementioned pertinent documents.
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