US Visa Types for Ireland

The various categories of US visas serve different purposes – the US work visa for Ireland, marriage visa USA, study, training visa USA, investment, business and other classifications are represented by different petitions and visa applications to the relevant immigration authorities. The outcome is to acquire the pertinent visa to live, work, study, conduct business or simply travel to the United States for a limited period of time.

Solutions In Law Ltd caters for all genres of US visa applications. Our US Immigration Lawyers for Ireland have been representatives to clients across the globe since 2002, including Ireland, the United Kingdom. Our attorneys sustain a wealth of experience in US immigration and visa law. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 00353 1 902 0765 for effective advice and representation on US visa matters.

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From the very first phone call and indeed after my subsequent meetings with Solutions in Law and Nicole, I felt fully assured by their depth of knowledge and their integrity. Solutions in Law meticulously made detailed and relevant enquires into my personal and my corporate situation before devising an excellent visa strategy and solution. When engaging a US visa and immigration law firm, Solutions in Law is one of the best firms out there and has a 15 year record of excellence to support it.

Lynda Kline
For personal advice please contact Solutions In Law Ltd for a consultation with one of our USA immigration lawyers. 00353 1 902 0765

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